Cultural Weddings & Colour: Impressively Beautiful


Weddings are a significant milestone in anyone’s life, and like everything else, South Asian and East Indian weddings are all about bright colours, magnificent ceremonies, and mind-blowing feasts, no belly leaves empty. These weddings have been a cultural staple for centuries, and the colours used in these weddings play a significant role in the symbolism and meaning behind them. With so many colours and auspicious combinations to choose from, selecting the right colours for your cultural wedding can be a daunting task. This blog looks to share some insight about the meaning behind cultural colours used in South Asian and East Indian weddings and festivities leading up to the big ..and for most, we do really mean BIG day!

The colour red holds incredible importance in East Indian and South Asian weddings, symbolizing love, purity, and richness. The bride’s dress and invitation cards are predominantly red, and brides also incorporate red into their Mehndi design. Vibrant shades of gold and yellow are popular for South Asian weddings, representing prosperity and stability. In addition to the bride’s dress, guests attending weddings usually wear these colours too.

Green is another critical colour in South Asian and East Indian weddings. In Hindu culture, the bride wears green bangles and a green sari for the Haldi ceremony, which is a pre-wedding ritual. Green represents good luck and fertility and is commonly used in henna designs.

Apart from these colours, blue, purple, and pink are gaining popularity in recent times, and brides are keen to include these hues into their weddings. Blue is associated with the universe’s vastness and the divine, while purple represents luxury and power. Pink remains a popular choice for brides in Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh, representing feminity, grace, and happiness.

As important as colour symbolism is, it is crucial to choose colours that you love and that honor your style. Colours like lavender, turquoise, and peach are perfect options for brides who want to add a subtle touch of personality to their wedding day. The best advice is to pick a colour palette that reflects your personality and fusion of cultures and brings joy and happiness to your big day.

Weddings are an incredible celebration of love, culture, and joy, and selecting the right colours can make your day even more special. South Asian and East Indian weddings have rich cultural significance in the colours used, and there are many amazing options to consider. From the vibrant reds to the majestic purples and serene blues and greens, the colour palette is wide and varied. However, as we have seen, colour symbolism is significant, and understanding what these colours stand for will help you select the right palette. Above all, remember to choose the colours that resonate with your personality and reflect your fusion of cultures, so your wedding day is a true reflection of who you are as a person and a couple. We absolutely love a beautiful cultural celebration here at Hacienda Sereda. Learning everyday more and more about how different cultures celebrate is fascinating and inspiring. Oh the stunning colours and all they represent.. We hope you take away from this blog a little more than you came with… and if you didn’t know, now you know.