The Benefits of Planning a Micro Wedding


Weddings have always been seen as a grand celebration, a once-in-a-lifetime occasion that marks the beginning of a new chapter in a couple’s life. Traditionally, weddings are extravagant events with hundreds of guests, lavish d├ęcor, and a long list of details that need to be taken care of. However, trends are changing, more so in recent years, couples have started to embrace a minimalist approach to weddings. Enter the awesome micro wedding, a smaller, more intimate event. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the benefits of planning a micro wedding and why it might be the perfect choice for you at Hacienda Sereda.

Cost-Effective: One of the primary benefits of planning a micro wedding is the cost savings. With a smaller guest list, you can save big on catering, bar, table decor and other expenses. This frees up more funds for other aspects of your wedding, like a dream venue (insert “Hacienda Sereda” – wink wink), or honeymoon. The savings can be considerable, and many couples opt for this type of wedding to keep the costs more reasonable.

Make it Personal: A micro wedding allows you to personalize your wedding day down to the smallest detail. You can choose a unique premier venue like Hacienda Sereda or opt for a unique theme that reflects your personality as a couple. You can also interact more intimately with your guests, making them feel like they are part of an intimate gathering instead of a large-scale event. Maybe indulge in a specialty drink for guests or treat them to a superb meal catered by that amazing restaurant/chef you love, which otherwise may have been out of budget.
These personal touches can make your wedding feel more special and memorable.

Reduce Stress: With a smaller event to plan, micro weddings can be far less stressful. The details involved in a traditional wedding can be overwhelming. With fewer guests, you’ll have less planning and less preparation to worry about. This means you can spend more time focusing on the elements that truly matter to you and your partner.

More flexibility: With fewer people to coordinate, a micro wedding offers far more flexibility than a traditional wedding. You’ll have more freedom to make spontaneous decisions or adjust the timeline of the day on the fly. This can make your day feel more authentic and relaxed, instead of feeling like you’re on a tight schedule.

Environmentally friendly: Another benefit of micro weddings is their minimal environmental impact. Fewer guests mean fewer resources are used during the event. If you are enviro-focused this could be a big deal! “Waste not, want not”.

A micro wedding is an intimate and cost-effective way to celebrate your special day. It is the perfect option for those who want to focus on the most important things instead of getting bogged down in the details. Whether you’re looking to save money, cut down on stress, or reduce your environmental impact, there are many benefits to having this type of wedding. At the end of the day, it’s about spending time and celebrating a beautiful day with those you love.