Why Hacienda Sereda is the perfect location for your next film production.


Finding the right location for your film production can be a daunting task. You need a place that will meet your shooting requirements and provide the perfect ambiance for your story. Hacienda Sereda could be the perfect location for you. With its more than accommodating staff, amenities, and most importantly it’s unique architecture, Hacienda Sereda promises to be a great film set. In this blog, we will explore why Hacienda Sereda is the perfect location for your next film production.

Versatility of Hacienda Sereda

Hacienda Sereda is a large-scale property, and its multiple shoot options make it versatile. The location is professionally landscaped and offers a garden with water features, a Spanish-style courtyard with 40ft sky high natural light ceiling, and architecture. Hacienda Sereda offers a unique setting that accommodates different scenes. Referred to often as a Spanish estate, many times suggest that it lends itself to the look and feel of a Hollywood mansion. Let’s just say it can fit many scripts!

Accessible Location

Hacienda Sereda is nestled off the beaten path in Kitchener, Ontario. Close to the 401, and just an hour away from Toronto. Tucked back off the main drag the location offers an abundance of privacy, ample free parking for large gear trucks, cast trailers and more.

Exquisite Architecture

The Spanish colonial-inspired estate, Hacienda Sereda adds an interesting element to your film production. The house features high ceilings, decorative details, and plenty of natural light. The Inner Courtyard, Ballroom, Bar Room in the estate are spacious and perfect for preparation, sound and the tech end of the production, dressing/changing and makeup.

Perfect Support System

Hacienda Sereda provides a wide range of amenities to complement your film production. These include enough parking space, on site washroom facilities, electrical power, Wi-Fi. In addition, our venue manager can offer a wonderful list of resources that are close by, including lodging, dining options, and more are available upon request. All these services are available within the Hacienda Sereda area to enhance your film production process.

Hacienda Sereda is the perfect location for your next film production. It offers a versatile location, accessible site, exquisite architecture, and a great support system. We look forward to hosting your next film production and helping you bring your vision to life.

Let the story begin!